Guidance Needed: Completed Portfolio Projects – What's Next?

I’m seeking guidance on the next steps after completing some projects in my portfolio. Could you please help me figure out what to do next? Check out my portfolio here: Jack

Do next for what goal? Are you asking what to do to make the portfolio better, what to add to the portfolio next or what?

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I just want suggestions on the type of real-world projects that would be beneficial for skill development and maybe portfolio improvement in the future.

I guess you’re also wondering where you can find work, whether it be full time, part time or contract work.

A good place to start is the Bubble forums freelance thread. Turn your notifications on for that thread, and whenever someone makes a post that you think you could help with, offer a helping hand. Whether you want to charge $ or not is up to you, but I think even new developers should always charge something for their time.

Then there are the classics: LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Personally, I’ve never found work through LinkedIn but I’ve found multiple positions through Indeed. Maybe because in Montreal LinkedIn is more of a social media platform rather than a job searching one. I’ve heard that in places like London, LinkedIn is much more prominent in the job searching area. These are just anecdotes though, I suggest trying all of the above.

You’ll want to stay away from websites like Fiver because the clientele are expecting a lot of work for very little pay. Furthermore, more serious and enriching projects won’t be found on those platforms anyways.

Finally, check the bubble agencies page and see if any of those agencies are hiring. You might have a chance at snagging a job!

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Ok well Noted thenks .

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I just played with the dashboard for a couple of minutes. I suggest next steps would be to make the existing projects you have added to your portfolio to work properly, like being able to check a box and it actually checks the box, or a delete icon that either deletes the entry or shows a popup to confirm the intention to delete.

Also, are these projects just templates you changed colors and font families for?

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Sure I will , as for the projects I have created them from Scratch with inspirations from dribbble .

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