Guidance on a template to get me started

Hello all. I was researching how to design a web based app to help me with an organization project. I was wondering if someone knew of a template that could help me get started. My project is this:

I get a piece of equipment, add several pieces of equipment to it, then loan it out to others. I need a way to track the information such as serial number, etc. for the pieces of equipment. The app needs to also keep track of who I loan it to, when I loan it, when it’s returned and a map gps location where I loan it out, would be ideal. It would need to be user password protected, so only those I allow access can see the data. I would also like to be able to search based on serial number, date, etc. to see when a loaned item went out and came back, etc. I hope there is a template that can get me started. Thank you and I am glad I found bubble.