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Ha. Airtable “Gurus” discussing Bubble’s 100MM round of funding

This is frustrating. Literally EVERYTHING they’re saying about Bubble is incorrect except that they got a 100 million dollar round of funding. These people know little about what they’re talking about.

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I watched the first 24 minutes before I realised they had absolutely no point to make whatsoever. :weary: :yawning_face:


24 minutes?!? And the Glutton for Punishment award goes to…

I only made it through a few minutes before looking specifically for the Bubble stuff (FYI, it starts around the 19:30 mark), and then I barely made it through the few minutes where they talked about that. Good thing that, according to the video, Bubble added the “database back end” just last year or I’m guessing they never would have bagged the hundred mil.


“They (bubble) integrated with air table then built their own Backend only a year ago and pricing jumped up”

Ummm no😂

Honestly the video is filled with so much negative harmful information about bubble that bubble could easily send the channel a cease and desist for defamation if that video or similar starts to generate thousands of views spreading false information.

Better yet, try to make friends before enemies and reach out and offer the channel creator a free personal plan and a 1 hour call with a bubble product specialist. Potentially they will sway their opinion and it might persuade them start using bubble and reviewing positively.

I’ve got many people who’ve moved to bubble.