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Hackathon - Help Afghanistan

How might we Bubble Developers help the situation in Afghanistan? Please, share your ideas.

Hi Gio, what are your thoughts on making a map tool that reports threats/explosions/etc.?

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How would I know where’s the threat in advance?

It would function like Waze. Users report accidents, road obstructions, police (so they know to stop speeding), etc. for the next driver(s) to travel on that road. In this instance, users would mark a pin on the map to indicate a danger area where these been a threat, so more people stay away from here.

Not sure how good this idea is considering gun shots and bomb detonations are quite audible. Maybe it could report if the Taliban are doing door checks for cell phones, Westerners, or partaking in threatening activities that are not going to be audible to people a fair distance away from them. Everything would be anonymously reported. What do you have in mind?

This is very good. I’ve done a Map type solution during Covid but there was a huge ‘threat’ of filtering the data. How do I know the information person provides is legit? What if some dumbass wants to have fun or someone intentionally starts spreading false information to cause panic? What if Taliban provides info in order to cause specific action in people who are hiding? If there’s a reasonable answer to these questions I can build such map within couple of hours. Consider some tweaking for responsive and it’s a job to be done in a day or two.

Legit = confirmation by two users. Great question on someone messing around and creating panic. I would like to assume no one would be in that mindset. I would hope (especially a local) would consider the weight of the situation as it could be life or death. Perhaps their device has a camera, we require them to upload a photo of the situation.

Uploading a photo could also prevent the Taliban from posting a false alarm. Thoughts? How would deploy this to the right people? For safety reasons, you can DM me instead so there isn’t a public thread of where people can find this. If there is, the Taliban could find it. Marketing should be done with as much word of mouth as possible.