Handling Big load of Data

Recently I am having a few issues with working with one of my main tables. It has +100k records and it will continue to grow.

My main issues are to give users the possibility to export but bubbles csv export is not an option as I have a field that contains a comma (",").

Then every few months I have a review of all that data, but I can’t make a screen for that as the Usage will blow up the app.

What I am doing now. Create a function that makes a ton of API calls and dumps in a google sheet. But this isn’t really good, I’d like some stronger availability and structure.

How are you guys letting export big chunks of data and how can I make a screen that works with this without having a crazy usage.

Thank you!!

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Remove comma upon extracting.

How often do users need to export? How many records are they exporting?

Quite a few times a day

I still don’t like the way it exports everything in one column. I’d like to have it already split in each column depeding the attribute.

I tried a few of the plugins and they pull from frontend that due to amount of data it doesn’t load

You’d be able to do have separate columns; just remove the comma from the data VALUES using regex / find & replace or use a different delimiter.

front end is def not the way to go.

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