Handling Different Flows with Same Warning Popup

Hi All,

I have two buttons on the same page that have a similar function (one for adding a single entry, one for a CSV upload of multiple entries), both of which trigger a ‘Are You Sure You Want to Do This?’ popup when clicked under certain circumstances.

Is the Bubble best practice to have two redundant paths of workflows to open the warning popup and what to do with the cancel vs continue buttons, or have a single workflow that somehow keeps track of which button was pressed to kick off so that the ‘Continue’ button can trigger the correct follow up action?


I’d use just a single popup whenever possible and control what’s being shown, and what happens in it using custom states.

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Thanks @adamhholmes - just rewatched the custom states tutorial and implemented a yes/no based on which button was pressed. Worked flawlessly. Thanks for the help!

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