Handling multiple contact email addresses

I have 12,000+ contacts in my system and there are multiple entry points for the creation of contacts from other systems I use to run my empire. There are a handful of cases why someone would be listed with two different email address, and the most common is when someone uses their work email address to join my mailing list, or take an online course and then they use their personal email address to create a user account in my bubble app.

I’m not worried about preventing those because there are too many variables beyond my control, but I was thinking of implementing a primary contact and ‘additional contacts’ concept in my app.

User table:

  • email address (for their user account)
  • primary contact (from the contact table)
  • additional contacts (list of contacts from contact table)

Then to display the list of records (badges earned, events attended, awards received, games played etc. ) I would return all records based on searching those things based on the users’ primary contact record and the list of additional contacts.

What I have been doing so far is re-assign all records from their ‘old email address’ to their current email address through a merge tool I built, but I think it would just be easier to update my design to allow people to have multiple email accounts.

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