Handling of Gmaps Directions

Hi all,

sorry to bother you with this (have tried to get some information to solve the problem on other posts, but now decided to make a dedicated post to try to find a solution).
I would like to create a map on my page, which show a default route between two points in a Google Maps format. For this I have tried using the Gmaps Directions widget (Google Maps Extended), passing on origin / destination / center in lat,long format. All keys within the plugin are updated with my Google Maps key… but when I try displaying the map, the whole map (Gmap) constantly remains blank (without any error).

Has anybody had a similar experience or maybe a clue what the issue might be in here?

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Sorry, but anyone has got any experience on this? Can’t believe noone’s come across this yet :wink:

Did you figure this problem out? We are kind of having the same problem now. If you have solved this problem, please help me! Thanks.

Yea I’m having the same issue. I’m sure it’s a small click somewhere. If I figure it out I’ll post.