Handwriting Plugin

Is there a plugin out there that would allow people to enter “notes” into bubble via tablet pens such as the Surface or the iPad Pro? I love Microsoft OneNote, Penultimate, Notability and would like to be able to incorporate features such as these into my app.
Or perhaps is there a way to pull their capabilities into bubble with an API?

Bumping this one up from the depths.

Is anyone familiar with a plugin or tool that can be used to enable handwriting functionality? Would really like to be able to hand write notes in an app using Apple Pencil, or stylus.

There’s no universally available browser API for this, so you shouldn’t expect a plugin solution for handwriting anytime soon. Though Chrome 99 has one. You could read more about that here, but ATM, this is something that’s off in the future for web apps: Recognize your users' handwriting

Actually, “myscript” does an amazing API… It’s the one used in the app “Nebo”… Here’s a demo, shouldn’t be that hard to setup : https://webdemo.myscript.com/

doc : https://developer.myscript.com/

And I’m so totally sure that’s free to use. C’mon dude.

??? Who asked for 100% free… There’s a clear pricing structure on their website.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.


Any updates on this, please ??

Is there anyone who would try to bring over the following SDK to the Bubble web app:

MyScript iink SDK 3.0


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