Hard to work with an email body

Hi All,
The application I am building uses emails for notifications and i embed lots of variables in the email body.

But formatting the text is a nightmare. Carriage returns get lost. Edit one thing and the next three lines get deleted. It’s an editors nightmare. I often want to copy text and format from one email body to another but i dont see how i copy variables.

Is there something I am doing wrong or is there a better way?

Postmarkapp.com is a good alternative.

It allows you to export cURL which you can import into the API connector.

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I store the text for each email in a data table. For variables in the text I use this notation <<user’s first name >> in. In the email body I Do a Search for that emails text with a series of :find and replace one after another and each one swaps out my notation for the value. For example find <<user’s first name>> and replace with User’s first name.

I built a page for myself with a dropdown to select the email I want then I edit the text in a multi-line text or A rich text editor plugin. That makes editing a whole lot easier . That might work for you too.

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thanks Nigel and Patricia.

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