Has anyone built an online store?

Hey Guys,

Been looking at bigcommerce and shopify etc.
I just know most of the stuff can be done in bubble and zapier and be alot cheaper.

Has anyone successfully built an online store with bubble?
I would be prepared to pay someone to help me build an online store.
Let me know please.

Working on one now actually. I have wondered why anybody would use a 3rd party when one can be built in bubble. Of course its more complicated.

I would love to see Bubble tie into Stripe Relay, so that Products, Orders, etc. can be created on the platform. Would make life a lot easier. Of course the API connector still makes this possible.

What is the store for?

Also: Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no way to split a Stripe Connect transaction between two payees, so a marketplace shopping cart isn’t feasible, or is it?

I know everything can be built on Bubble.
Want to sell some products from my store. No more than 30 products.
Need to connect to shipping carriers and make data feeds wich can be done with zapier

Bubble has a pre-built integration with ShopRocket.



This is actually a better suggestion, especially since you don’t mind paying anyway.

Hi There,

Our site, legendlockers.com is not a typical store but we do indeed have ecommerce/checkout, etc.


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Why you are not trying shopify, it will be free and simple to use checkout button with several cards and you just have to pay monthly hosting fee to your ecommerce to shopify which is minimum. However if you need to know setup guide then i will suggest you to visit withintheflow.com