Has anyone created a version history feature?

I’m looking to create a content builder in my app and need to find a Bubble-friendly, performance-friendly solution for creating historical versions of an object and its linked things and wonder if anyone has ideas.

I’m imagining a series of three data types: Entry, Version, and Object. I’m leaning toward linking Objects to a Version and the Version to the parent Entry, but I’m trying to decide what the best way to track the objects.

Let’s say I have the following:


  1. Title: A New Hope Current. Version: 1


  1. Number: 1 Objects: 1,2


  1. Position: 1 Type: Header. Color: Blue
  2. Position: 2 Type: Paragraph Color: Black

Then, I decide to edit it again and add a new item. To ensure I have history, I might want my app to create a new version before I make edits.

Anyone have ideas on what would be the most “Bubbly” way to handle the storage of the old compared to the new items in a version? I’ve considered a loop that creates duplicates for EVERY object in the first version, but that feels a bit resource-heavy.