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Has anyone else been having issues with Google Books?


Specifically Author’s or extracting other information from the Google Book’s plugin.

Can you try to implement that in the forum_app? Since there is no key it’s safe

Hi Emmanuel,

This may be a not intelligent question, but what is the forum_app?

Sorry should have been more precise. See this

It’s an app that everyone can use and edit for learning purposes.

Hi emmanuel, I put it up there under the page name “google books app” and running into the same issue. I can extract the Title, description, and publicator, but I cant extract the Author’s name…and then i’m also looking for a way to extract the Isbn number if I can. If i find a way, i’ll let you know.

lmk what you think.


Also, another great thing would be if i could get the picture of the book too that google stores.


Fixed something (and added the picture :slight_smile: ) Will push this later today. Also, keep in mind it returns a list of books, so you should use a repeating group (see the forum app)

Awesome job Emmanuel, thank you for that. Any luck with the ISBN?

And yes I saw that too and naturally, you were right on that one. Good call, however ive found that if I store a book in a data base, I cant add it again to the same database where its being stored.

Pushing the ISBN now, it’s returned as a list of texts, since a book can have more than one.

Hi @emmanuel, I see you got the ISBN going, can we add the “:first item” option to it as well along with the other similar options when you get a chance? That way it can at least only show one result.

I noticed I had the same issue with the authors as well, which would return the book’s Authors name 4 times, which then I was able to add the “:first item” suffix and that solved the issue. I know the isbn is a different story but perhaps it will be a temporary bandaid until it can be resolved or potentially it could solve the whole issue.


it should be there, since it’s a list of text. can you share a link to the editor where it’s not?

Just sent you an email with it.

Also, I’m finding that some books are not showing up in my app’s search however when I go to the actual google books website, and search for the book, it shows up.