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Has anyone made a flash card/study type app before

I am working on a study app. I want to end up with something like quizlet and am wondering if anyone has put together flash card or study app they’d be willing to share with me? Template or not, I’d love to check one out.

I’m thinking things like match term to definition and using a bank of terms/definitions

Hi !
I’ve done a similar app in the past, where it showed one side of the card, and when you touch it it shows the other, then asks you how well you knew the answer and reschedule the card accordingly

Unfortunately, due to Bubble’s new “free plan”, I’ve been recycling old apps to keep the privileges of the ancient “Hobby plan”, so I have nothing to show you… But if you have any precise question or struggle, ask it here ! I might be able to help you (-:

(Also, note that if you’re doing a study app for any scientific subject, know that using latex with Mathjax, and an tiny tiny bit of JavaScript can make your expressions beautiful, and works quite well in Bubble)

Have a good day !
I hope someone will be able to help you more !

Thank you @theunsolver
I’m hoping to put together a Leitner system style study portion. Think Quizlets “learn this set”

I’ve got the flash cards working and tracking corrects/incorrects. Haven’t randomized this part yet but that’s next plus a countdown timer.

Last would be matching term to definition and writing in the term/def based on its partner.