Has anyone seen this error before in the debugger?

. I don’t have any “clust” variables. So not sure this is an error on my end.

This has never come up before today. happens each time this page is launched regardless of the database entry that is populated?

Not sure if this needs to be reported, if it is a bubble issue or an error on my end. But I haven’t changed anything on this page…

Appreciate any guidance from the community.


There’s a plugin that is using a Mutation Observer and it using a forEach loop (according to the error you posted). I don’t know what plugin it is, but the error is coming from one of your installed plugins.

Thanks Jonah! That has helped to point me in the right direction. The only new plugin I have installed is classify. I’ll look into that first.

It could also be coming from an HTML block with code, I guess, but I think if you had that on your app you’d have known that

Thanks! I found the problem - I don’t know why it started erroring, maybe the PDF creator plugin updated but I had an ID attribute called clust I’d forgotten about that was causing the issue. I deleted this and the plugin element from that page as I’m no longer offering a PDF of this view.
All sorted!
Thanks your tip on where to look had me inspecting all my plugins on that page, and found the issue.

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