Has anyone used Ryft in their Bubble app?

Has anyone integrated with the Ryft payment platform from their Bubble app?

Unfortunately, I can’t see a plugin for Ryft (that would be great!) but wondered if anyone had used it with the API directly?

Hey Richard, an old post now but thought I’d respond. I’ve integrated my app with the Ryft API successfully. I’ve created private plugins for it (for now). Did you ever manage it or did you use an alternative?

Hi Chris

Yes, we just made API calls directly and got the basic processes working ok. It would be fab if there was an official plugin though so if you’ve built a private API it may be worth you contacting Ryft themselves to see if they are interested in it and making it public…



Hmmm, yea one to consider then. I’ll mention in as they’re definitely a growing presence in the UK and cheaper than Stripe.

Have you implemented Google or Apple Pay with them by any chance? We’re just doing that now and are getting a bit stuck.

I’d be happy to share any marketplace / split payments knowledge if you need any.


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No worries. And no Google/Apple Pay isn’t something I’ve got any experience of, sorry! And thanks for the offer of any help.