Has Treatment of Duplicate List Items Changed?

I have and Object with a field that is a list of Objects. The purpose is to limit how many times a discount code can be used.

When we built and tested the feature, I seem to remember it working that each time a code was used, it was added to the list of codes used. When the number of times a code could be used was reached, we changed what happened in the next workflow.

Now it looks like regardless of how many times an object is added to a list, it’s only recorded once.

Trying to figure out (i) if this is actually the case (that you can’t have duplicate items on a list) and (ii) if this has changed from the original setup.

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From what I know this has always been the case. No dupes in a list.

Actually, I noticed that too. I feel that Bubble made a change a couple of months ago, maybe over a year, to alter this. If they did change something like this, I wish it would have been a ‘breaking change’ and we would have had the option to update or not. I have been with Bubble a little bit longer, so I know what you mean.

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