Hashtags from database not populating in text fields

Hi, I’m doing something with musical chords, and as such I’ve stored a bunch of chords in a database.

For example: C, F, Em (E minor), A#m (A sharp minor), C#m, etc.

I have some text fields that call the chord names based on some variable, however the only chords that are NOT coming up when I do this are the ones with the “sharp” notation. Everything else works just fine. I know hashtags can mean something in the world of programming, HTML, URL’s, etc., so I imagine there’s some kind of conflict here.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?

Hi there, @naratcliffe… can you share some screenshots of the data type in which you are storing the chords (I assume they are being stored in a text field), the data itself, and the text elements in which you are trying to display the chords? The reason I ask is there should be no problem with displaying a pound symbol in a text element, so without being able to see some screenshots or poke around under the hood, it’s hard to say what could be going on there.


Absolutely - thank you for your time.

Note: I’m brand new to bubble, and there’s probably a more efficient way to do this, but I don’t think that’s the issue here?

Data type:

Data itself:

Text field:


So, my first thought is the text element simply isn’t big enough to display the text. Have you already tried making the element a bit bigger?

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Oh jeez. That’s a kick in the bum.

Thanks… I would have hoped to have seen some kind of “text overflow” error like in Adobe products I guess? but yeah, something to keep in mind going forward.

Appreciate your time!

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Check out the settings on the element’s Layout tab, make sure the element isn’t fixed width, and look for the Fit width to content checkbox.


Thanks, will look at that option also!

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