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Hey guys,

I’ve been looking around for ages and haven’t been able to find the right solution, so though I’d ask to see if anyone else has found it.

I’m looking to add hashtags to a social site I’m building on Bubble. I’d like them to operate the same as Instagram, which is:

  • User starts with # and then any hashtags that already exist in the database, pop up and can be selected;
  • If the hashtag does not exist, the user finishes the hashtag by writing it, and this creates the hashtag in the database.
  • Future users can then obviously select this hashtag that the user made, as well as any in the database.

I’ve found ways to do the first point, but nothing beyond that.

Does anyone out there have a solution?



I would do this like this

Creating new thing with multidropdown

plus using dynamic tags plugin

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Thanks @bartek.dev. That video is great!

Regarding the dynamic tags plugin, I couldn’t really work out how to integrate that into the process so I just stuck with the multiline dropdown for now (not perfect functionality but not bad). Do you have any experience with the Dynamic Visual Tags plugin?

yes, I do. Pretty easy setup. Where are you stuck?

Pretty much from the start. I went through the process with the multi-line dropdown input and could get it to work relatively well there.

I don’t see how the Dynamic Visual Tags plugin fits in though, does it work together with the multi-line dropdown? One of the key things about that input is the box to “enable users to type new text” but I don’t see anything along those lines with the visual tags.

The Dynamic Visual Tags is not needed for creation of the hashtags.

Somehow I thought you want to also display the hashtags on the posts and giving the user the ability to click the tags that interested him/her. If that what you want to do the DVT plugin is the way to go. If you only want to display it later without giving the user the ability to click, you dont need it.

Please have a look at the following screenshot since it may help to extend your hashtag feature:




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Ok, yeah that is exactly how I want it to work. So I’m missing something then, I’ve got to this point:

  • Create the hashtags or click on one that exists already in multiselect dropdown as per the video you attached.
  • These go through to the database as text.
  • Then I have the DVT input on the screen and it just shows all previously listed hashtags.

The first 2 steps seem right to me, but the third one isn’t correct. Ideally, I’d like when you create the hashtag for it to be instantly clickable to then go to that list of hashtags, and the associated things attached to that hashtag.

I also can’t get the click on the hashtags to go anywhere either, is that supposed to be in the DVT box?

Hey @lottemint.md, thanks for the suggestion. Are you able to save those hashtags in the database anywhere?

you can’t do that with one element.

there is workflow for that, there is demo page for the plugin have a look there

Hey @bartek.dev,

This completely fixed it, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Thanks for your help!

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