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Have external API POST a dataset to Bubble


Does anyone have an example they can share of how they’ve configured a POST to a Bubble endpoint?

I have an endpoint set up to receive data in Bubble, but cannot get even POSTman to deliver data.


Ok. I am now able to get the POST to send data to my bubble database.

but, the values for a single parameter are all in a single cell :frowning:

I realize that’s because I set up the workflow to ‘create a new thing’. What’s the alternative for creating a list of things so that each value gets it’s own cell in the database?

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I have been having the same issue. If someone can help with how to handle a list of items that return from an external API that would be great. I currently can only display back the first item in a list.

We’ve been working around the clock on this and are getting really close. Here are 2 of the essential insights that seem to be stumbling blocks for most everyone who is trying to do this:

Here’s a great response from @NigelG on the topic that we’ve found to be really helpful.

Additionally, here’s another amazing post from @NigelG that explains how to set-up the main list correctly. This is also essential to get it working.

Let me know whether those insights enable you to get it working.