Have multiple admins on account (not just on app)?

I am configured as a collaborator on an app that was built under the Professional Plan.

I wanted to do some test development with it so I copied the app. However, when trying to run it, it complains about the password feature not being available under the plan with my account (I guess).

Is there a way to have more than one user be an admin on an account?

The original admin of the app on the Professional Plan would have to indicate that you, the Collaborator, are an admin. There are a few features that are admin-only, so even if you’re a collaborator you could still be considered not an admin

Hi @romanmg

So am I not considered an admin as far as this password thing? I get this when trying to run the copied app that I am an (some kind of) admin on.

Hm, my best guess is that you “locked yourself out.” The feature is enabled in the original app, and admins can change that setting, but by cloning it, it retained the password protection and your clone defaults to the Hobby (plan) which doesn’t include the feature… I think.

You may need to upgrade the clone’s plan in order to remove the password protection (for the clone). I’m not 100% on this though.

@emmanuel is this correct?

The person that cloned the app should be able to remove the protection.

ahh - that did it. Thanks.