Have pop-ups stopped rendering?

We have a site that uses pop-ups.

Yesterday they showed - today they don’t. The screen processes the dark blur background - but the window doesn’t show. it’s there in the BG, because when you hover over where the buttons and inputs should be, the cursor changes. So it looks like it’s just not rendering

Is anyone else having this issue?

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looking further into this, I suspect there may be a problem with the rendering engine for groups - because one of the other issues we had this morning was that animated groups would either failed to show or require double mouse clicks in order to work - and in both cases when either the pop-up fails to show or the group fails to display, you are still able to see that the elements are onscreen, because the mouse cursor changes when you hover over where a text input or button should be, they are just simply not visible either on the desktop or mobile

I’ve been having the same problem on mobile Chrome and also Safari on my Mac. When I click on an element that triggers a workflow that should show a pop-up, the background darkens (as it should) but the pop-up never appears. I have to click in the empty space around where the pop-up would be to “close” it, then re-trigger the workflow. The second time I do it, the pop-up shows.

I figured this would be such a big bug that they’d squash it immediately, but it has already been a couple of weeks. I think I’ll submit a bug report.

I contacted the Bubble team via a support ticket and they solved this lighting fast. It should work for you now, @funnelrepublic .

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