Have 'selected items' at the top of a repeating group

Hi there - How can I have the items that have been selected at the top of a repeating group? The items, when selected, are on a list. Each selected item will be individual to a user.

You can use two repeating groups. The first one can display your user’s selected items. And the second one might display the remaining items. See the demo below:


And these are the two repeating groups. The first one is for your user’s selected things:

And the second one is showing the rest:

Of course, you may need to set the height of the first one to be zero if you want to nearly hide it when the user has no elements:

You can use the merged with operator in the repeating group’s data source to merge the list of selected items with the list of unselected items. It probably goes without saying, but the list that is before the merged with operator in the expression will appear first in the repeating group.


Wow. You put so much work into that. Thank you! The problem is that I do not want to delete them from the list or hide them and it might be confusing why it is there twice.

Interesting. Does this change the speed of loading at all?

It shouldn’t, but I don’t know anything about your app, so anything is possible. For what it’s worth, though, what I described is the “right” way to do what you are trying to do. You don’t have to do it that way, of course, but you should at least consider it.