Having a backup database in Mysql

Hello everyone,

I´m thinking about having a kind of realtime database backup in Mysql so I can perform some operations in Mysql but I don´t know how to start since I think I have 2 possibilities to have some sort of realtime database backup.

The thing is that in the Mysql database I need to have the new records, updated ones and delete the ones that has been deleted in Bubble.

The options I think I have:

  • Import Bubble database to Mysql via Parabola. The problem is that I don´t know how to tell Parabola to check in the database which records has been modified or deleted.
  • API connector: I don´t even know where to start and if this is the best method.

Hoping someone can tell me something about this because I´m trying this since 6 months with no success.

Thanks a lot to you all.

Have a nice day.

Hello there,

Can anyone on the forum tell me something about this?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day guys.

It should be possible for Parabola to work out if something has changed or not.

With the new integration, that would seem like a possible avenue.

Have not done it, but that would be where I would start.


If Parabola can’t, Integromat has this option:


This can be set to trigger when a new record is created or modified.

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Hi @NigelG

I asked Parabola but they told me Parabola cannot know whether something has been changed, it will return all the records every time the Parabola flow runs.

I´ll try with Integromat but as @eli said.

Thanks a lot.

What I meant was to do an old fashioned “master data” update on Parabola…

Scan bubble and look for matching rows (or not) in the backup.


Thanks for your reply.

I´ll need to digg in a bit more on that since I´m not Mysql savvy so I guess you mean tu run some query to check what has been modified in Bubble and then send it to Mysql.

Thanks a lot.

Hello again,

Just wondering if someone knows a good service to have a backup of Bubble´s database outside Bubble like Google Cloud or something like that.

And want to know if it´s possible to have the backup done via API workflows.

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