Having a brain fart I just want to set a conditional success message for like 2 seconds

Same as title I forgot how to set timed conditionals. Just trying to say success url copied for like 2 seconds

Hi there, @mack2580… if you use the Alert element for the message, the associated Show message workflow action lets you specify how long the message is displayed. So, that’s one way you could go.

Hope this helps.


I’ve used that in the passed but not a big fan of the ui/ux of that though for mobile

You really have 3 options.

Mikes option which works great and give you total flexibility over design.

Use air alert or another plugin, no elements and mobile friendly.

Create custom alert flows with popups.

You can also try the Toast Notifications plugin by Minimum Studio: Toast Notifications Plugin | Bubble

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I swear one time i did a conditional that changed it for a few seconds years ago

I mean you can get creative, just have a conditional on the text. State on the page for copy? (Yes/no) default = no

When clicked set state yes. Pause 2000ms. Set state no.

Text conditional if copy= yes text = url copied

Reference @nico.dicagno recommendation below for a better way of doing this.

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You could use the ‘schedule a custom event’ workflow block.
Schedule a CE after a few seconds that hides/animates away the element or sets a state which hides the element
Pauses can often be quite clunky and stop other actions from happening.


which UI/UX of success message are you currently using?

I wasn’t using any right now. I just made one couple years ago that used some sort sort of conditional time for a second or two but the app is deleted. I like the cleaner ux of not having multiple things popup and your already looking at the thing your about to copy. I just tried @nico.dicagno idea and it worked great.