Having issue with making height auto

I have one issue. If anyone can help me out . I don’t want the height of the page fixed. I am designing app and it will available on all devices ( desktop / tablet / mobile ).
If I give the height for eg 300px and if there is no content in the page , then the page get scroll because of the height I give 300px . How I can give height auto property .

You can reduce the height to the minimum that you want eg. 100px and if there is content that needs more it will expand on its own.

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I also need one more help. I only want to show my app in vertical format only . When any one rotate the mobile and tablet device , the app should not rotate horizontal. It should only stick to the vertical layout . Can you tell me how it can be possible. Thanks

You can’t do this out of the box using Bubble. You have 6 options on this page,

Although I think your easiest first option is to use media queries (CSS). It doesn’t block the page in a vertical format but you can maybe use a media query to set a condition, show a message when used in a horizontal format (Eg. This page is only available in a vertical mode).

Please look at the page in detail you will see the pros and cons.

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