Having issues with header bar expanding over content

When the app width is reduced like on a phone for instance, the header is extending over the content. Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong?

Live here: https://eastrosebudlake.org

Editor: https://bubble.io/page?id=eastrosebudlake&tab=tabs-1

Hi @asher :slight_smile: The responsive settings are correct for the logo and login button, but when the admin options in the header are hidden conditionally, those do not collapse in width, causing the ‘login’ button to go to the next line.

One workaround would be to have two separate header groups within the header reusable element (1. loggedin header and 2. loggedout header). Each header group can be conditionally shown whether or not the User is logged in or not. After separating them and applying the conditional statements, the responsive settings should adjust everything as expected! :slight_smile:


Never even thought of that. I’ll work that up this morning and give it a shot! Thanks!

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