Having members send emails to eachother


I want member A to be able to fill out a form. The form has three inputs: hours, the name of the other member they worked with and the other members rating. Lets say member A fills out the fields with: 3 hours, Member B, and 5 star rating. Once they click submit, I want the form to send an email to Member B, that contains the other information: 3 hours, five star rating. I want Member B to review that information and confirm its accurate. Once member B confirms that information, I want it to go in a database.

How do I: 1) Set up a workflow so that an email is sent to the person identified in the input section 2) Create an email with a submit button

Hi Jessica,

Did you get help or figure this out?
Do you have Data Types for Users, Hours, and Rating with their necessary fields? You’ll also want to have a Data Type for “message” or “email” or whatever you want to call this contact between A and B. Under the “message” Data Type I’d create a field “approved” and make it a “yes/no”.
You could create an input group that contains:

  • Recipient Name
  • Hours (this could be a text input or dropdown if you wanted to limit the number of options)
  • Rating (this could be a dropdown input with options 1-5 or something)
  • Now, you can also add a button with a workflow that “creates a new thing” being the Data Field “message” with an “approved” status of “no”.
    Once the recipient approves the message they can click on any element you choose to use to create a workflow of “make changes to a thing” changing the “approved” status to “yes”.
    In this scenario the message is hitting the database in the beginning but the status is changed once approved.
    I’m not a Bubble pro but hope this helps if you still need it.
    Good luck.