Having multiple pictures in a page

Hello guys, I was wondering if it is possible to create an arrow like this (in the attached photo) , the function is that after clicking it, it will show another 8 totally different photo from the previous ones (Without directing to another webpage). Thanks in advance!!


Hi Kevin,

That’s a standard repeating group you’re showing there is it?

If it is, and it’s of fixed number of cells, you could draw 2 icons (one on either side) and set a workflow action on each to “show next” and “show previous” to move to the next/previous page in the repeating group.


Thanks a lot for the reply! Actually I didnt created this website myself(I just screenshot another website from the internet, because this is exactly the effect that i would like to do, but unfortunately dont know how to do it. I know how to do repeating group that display 8 of the photos but do not know how to display 16) I wonder what precisely do i need to do in order to create something like that? (I have 16 photos that I wish to display, but I want to have 8 displayed, and then an arrow that after the users clicked it, it will show them the other 8 photos (While staying in the same page). Thanks very much!

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