Having problems with bubble dns for subdomain

Hello everyone,

I have reviewed all the posts and I can not find a solution to my problem.

So here is the description of my problem:

  1. I have a domain in godaddy which is hosted in another hosting server.
    2)I have my website in this domain, so the app created in bubble needs to be registered as a subdomain.
  2. I registered my app subdomain in bubble and got the dns records.
    4)I registered these DNS records into the hosting server.
  3. DNS propagation is OK, but when trying to enter into myapp.mydomain.com it shows an error 1001.

So, technical support from the hosting server informed that everything is ok with the dns propagation and they can not do anything else to help, so they recommended me to contact bubble’s support to check if there is anything wrong with the dns records.

Hope you can help me to solve this.

Best regards


Hi there @allpae,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Maybe it just takes some time to propagate? What’s the link to your app, I can see if it’s loading for me.

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