Having trouble getting a repeating group to display data

So I have a repeating group that should be showing a listing based on data I have input into a forum.

I am having trouble getting the group to display any data at all even though there are multiple listings already created. Currently the repeating group is doing a search by date for existing listings and ordering them by when the listing was created, however nothing displays.

Here is a link to my app if anyone is able to assist with this as there are quite a few groups and different inheritance.

You don’t currently have any data in the database that matches your search constraints (on either of your RGs)… so there is no data to display…

Thanks Adam, it looks like by just changing the “submitted” something shows. Stupid mistake.

Yes, all your searches were searching for Listings with the Submitted status of ‘Yes’ (but in your database they all had ‘No’) so the search was returning no results.

I see you’ve got it working now :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you for your help.

Hi Adam,

Any idea why each post I makes shows the exact same comments? Would like comments to only show for each specific post.

Here is a screenshot for reference.

You don’t have any constraints to define which post the comments are for - so you’re just searching for the same comments on every post…

In fact, I can see you don’t even have a Post datatype (you have a deleted one), so I’ve no idea how you’re even storing, creating or displaying posts in the first place…

EDIT: Actually, I can see your page content type is ‘Listing’… so I’m guessing the comments relate to a Listing (not a Post)…

But you don’t have any constraints on the search for comments to define which Listing you want to show comments for (hence why it’s displaying the same comments on each Listing page).

So, presumably, you just need to add a constraint on the search for comments: Listing = Current Page Listing

So I tried to add a data type for comment to listing and one to listing that says comment.

Either way, it doesn’t appear to be displaying anything now. Not really sure how to fix.

I’m not entirely sure I follow what you’re trying to do here now…

I assumed that a comment would be associated with a specific Listing…

Now, in your RG, you’re searching for comments who’s Post_Comment (whatever that is) is the current page’s Listing - but none of your Comments in the database have any Post_Comments… (so there will be no data to show)

So I’m a bit confused - it looks to me like you’re over complicating things here…

Unless your Post_Comment field is just the Listing that the Comment refers to?.. (you’ve got 2 different Listing fields on the Comment datatype)…

In which case, again the issue is simply that your data is empty (no comments have any Post-Comments) - so you’re obviously not setting the field in your database correctly.

In any case, if that is the field you’re using to determine the relevant Listing, just be sure to populate that field when you create the Comment.

I was trying to do this: So, presumably, you just need to add a constraint on the search for comments: Listing = Current Page Listing

But the option was not available in the “Do a Search For,” so I tried to make a data type that could let me execute this function.

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