Having trouble getting the button workflow to work

I am having trouble getting the button workflow to work.
Current cell’s Task" is not displayed from “Make Changes to task”.
But now, I have only “Current cell’s Task”, “Current User” and “Do a search for”.
Please help me.

★What we want to solve★
I want to select “Current Page Task” from “Make Changes to task”.
But, now

★What I did★
Created the edit page of the post.
I want to save my input by pressing the “Edit Complete” button on the edit page.


Current cell’s Task means that you are using a Repeating Group. From what I understand - you’d like to edit Task from a separate page? If yes - why are you using RG on the edit page?

What is appropriate to use instead of RG?

Are you sure that the page has a data type assigned? Go to the page ‘edit’ in the element tree and show a screenshot of what you have there.

I don’t know why, but it has been resolved.

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