Having Trouble Seeing my App When Wifi is Off

I launched my app and I can view on Desktop and Mobile but only when Wifi is on. When I turn my wifi off and try to see on mobile device when I leave home I get redirected to the domain/defaultsite address and I can not view the app.

Any suggestion for this issue so I can view Live app? Thanks

This is expected behavior, as far as I know. Bubble builds webapps, which typically need an internet connection to operate. I’m not sure of examples that work offline at the moment.

Thanks Andrew, I am assuming this is just when building a Native App on Bubble?

There isn’t such a thing as a native app built with bubble. Everything is a web app. You can package it up with a wrapper like GoNative or Phonegap, but it’s still just a web app.

Unless you’ve got custom code, no internet means no app functionality

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