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Having trouble showcasing all of my users' profile pictures + portfolio (help + kind of idea)


So, there’s 2 parts for this:

First and most important one, I want to showcase all my users’ profile automatically. I’ve only found the way to do it with a currently logged in user profile picture.

Secondly, what I would truly like to do is to have a GIF generator that showcases their portfolio (is there a way to get their portfolio from behance?) and for that GIF to be what I showcase as their user’s image, despite if they have a photo of their face as a profile picture. I think this is way better than just showing their faces, as they are artists and I want to put this showcasing gallery on the home page. Any idea how to automatically create GIFs out of content in their profile pages?

I hope I explained myself well! I suck a bit at explaining. Just for you to get a context, I’m trying to do a platform for urban artists and business owners to meet and collaborate.


EDIT: Actually I’m thinking (this is regarding the second part) that rather than uploading a gallery on their profiles, what would be ideal is to have an uploader for them that automatically creates GIFs. I don’t know much about APIs, but do you think maybe it’s possible?