Having trouble triggering the Intercom Javascript

I put the javascript code for Intercom into the HTML element, but when I ran the preview, nothing fired off.

Is there something I’m missing? I know some platforms require custom start/stop tags, but I couldn’t find anything inside the documentation.

Thanks, everyone!

Try install the ToolBox plugin and on page load add the action Run Javascript.

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You can put the code in your app Settings in the body section script.

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Thank you both so much for your help!

The ToolBox plugin is amazing and works perfectly for triggering the script when the page is loaded. I was also able to incorporate “Only when” arguments to launch with dev settings and user logged in/out.

Hi all, I need a little help with this, Thank you in advance.

I installed the Toolbox plugin to run a script but receive the following error when I try to run it.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 12.18.49 AM

Is this because CloudFlare does not allow this or is there anything else I need to do to make it work?

Currently, it is configured as a Group that has a workflow that when the Group is clicked it Runs the Script.