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Head is Melting: List of Comments on Question

I am unable to get my head around something, please help. I am only trying to put an RG inside an RG to achieve a list of comments on each Question.

I am not sure why nothing is being written to the database although the relationship between Question Table and Comments table seem correct.

Here is my link to the App:

I pay 100 dogecoins for the first to answer the question.

Does the workflow run, or is the condition on the button event preventing it?

I suggest copying the condition, and individually each of its components, to a text element on the page, so you can see what it looks like before pressing the button.

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Yes the condition is run because the input field is reset and the qstatus is changed to ElabNeeded but the database is not edited at all. So maybe there’s something wrong in the tables relationship? But even the questionvalidation table isn’t edited.

How about the individual step conditions, are they preventing each database step?

Can you display the same condition somewhere on the page?

Instructions for running your app? I get a nearly empty page …

OK, go to this preview page first:

Login with Google:

Then click on Ask:

Write a question then go to Mod QL1 tab:

On your question click ON IT button, then vote with thumbs UP button and your question will go to the next module filter. Do so until your question reaches the first module on Mod QL2 tab here:

Then click ON IT button to be able to edit the INPUT field. Wirite a comment and submit button will appear. When you click submit, the comment should be registered in the database, but it’s not.

Shouldn’t this also not contain Current Cell?


in other words: ElaborationComment = Current cell’s ElaborationCommentInput’s Value

That’s the way it’s already made, in List to change it says “Current cell’s Question’s Elaboration Comment”

Ok, thanks to all who were trying to help me again. I have solved my problem, and I am sending the 100 dogecoins to me right now.

There were many many errors preventing the desired outcome:

  1. Wrong database relationships. I had to make sure that QuestionID is not a list in comments table, because each question has many comments so the relationship here is 1 to many, and not many to many.
  2. Wrong data source of the Repeating Group INSIDE the main repeating group. I should have made “Do Search for Comments” instead of choosing the relationship field of Question table to comments table.
  3. Trying to modify an existing thing, when in fact there is NO THING to modify. In other words, I was even choosing the wrong option, I should create a NEW comment, because there is no existing comment to modify. Hence no records in the DB.

Finally, finding the answer with so many problems was very tough. I hope one day there is a crash course in DB relationships to make things easier for noobs.

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Total doge enthusiast! Glad you figured it out sorry I didn’t see this to begin with. I would have called you and walked you through it for 100 doge! :slight_smile: I’m trying to get the doge community to accept bubble. I had to learn just about everything on my own using the forum. Many times the forum just didn’t have the solution. The database relationships were like light bulbs exploding that broke what I trying to build. Systematically rebuilding the relationships as I picked them up. Glad you got to keep your doge, sorry I couldn’t unload it for ya! :wink: