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'Header' flashing up for a split second before 'Header_Logged_In'

Hey Guys,

What’s the best way to prevent my ‘Header’ from flashing up for a split second before my ‘Header_Logged_In’? Should I be setting both headers to ’ This element is not visible on page load’ with a conditional?

Speaking of conditionals, this type of problem also happens while using ‘when’ conditional statements on general groups or RG’s eg. When a field is empty, show this element (placeholder) - sometimes the element (placeholder) flashes up for a split second when the field is not empty.

Should I be doing things in a particular order?

I find this approach works, in general to not have things visible on page load if in some situations it should not be shown to the user on page load.

It might help to think of the conditional logic being applied after the element is visible. Order matters in some cases, like which conditional statement is applied first.