Header in 'Fixed' - Layout Problem? (I'm guessing)

Hi There :wave:, your help is very appreciated.

When I drag my header as ‘fixed’ it puts in in square dimensions ‘200 x 200’ and I cannot drag them out. Any reason that could cause this? For more info:

I am at my 3rd bubble course and am now taking it with Greg.

I have noticed that on the old bubble editor things were placed on the page in a ‘Free handed’ way. We now have 4 options: Fixed, Row, Column and Align To Parent.

Since the beginning of my courses, I have used the ‘fixed’ method as I believed it was the most accurate to how Greg would place them. However, when I drag and drop my header into the page, it for some reason is displayed as a square and I cannot drag the edges out to make it a header. I’ve tried putting it inside a floating group but still was not working. Any advice?

Thank you!!


I would not recommend following a tutorial or course that is using legacy responsive, and trying to achieve the same results using our new responsive controls. The fixed layout is close to the old legacy responsive engine, but there are a lot of nuances and differences. You should make use of the new responsive layout types. We have some good tutorials for getting started available here. There are also a lot of great youtube videos out by members of our community that focus on new responsive controls and how to work with them.

Since the legacy engine is no longer available on new applications, you will have a really difficult time trying to follow along with legacy tutorials.

I hope this helps!