Header text scrunches up when resizing page


I’m currently attempting to create an application site and I have two questions. Number one is how can I see the actual page size while in development mode that I would see in preview mode. Also, with that being said I’m trying to make my header stay in a decent position where all the letters don’t scrunch up but everything I tried seems to not be working. Any help would be appreciated as I am still very new to bubble.
(I have to have my header where it is at in order for it to be where I want it to be on the actual site)

(This is supposed to be what is shown to people besides the admin panel and log out buttons together I’m still working on that)

(This is what it looks like if I resize the page on my browser)

That fixed some of it but I’m still running into this issue

This is what I see on the development side (its like it shrinks the page on the dev side)

And this is where it is actually located on the main page

and this is where I want it to be (where that black box is located)

it worked thank you much I’ve about lost my mind trying to fix this issue for the past few hours

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