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HealthKit integration? Need your opinion on this!

Hello, bubblers :wave: My name is Roman I’m a founder of

Have a question for you.

What do you think about iOS HealthKit integration into your current/future bubble app? Is it something you’re looking for? how would you use it?

Just looking for some feedback on that.


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We are an app development agency and are looking for a low code solution to connect with Apple health kit.

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Hi @roman.furman0 I was just looking into this, would be amazing if Natively would offer an integration to Healthkit

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I could definitely use a HealthKit integration! It would open the door for a lot of fitness and health apps since other related apps usually have HTTP access while HealthKit does not. I would be using it to pull step data in a planned but not started app.

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Yes. Would love this. Would definitely use it. :raised_hands:

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I would 100% use this!

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Thank you all for your response!
Before starting an implementation I need to clarify which info from HealthKit you would use in the first version of Natively SDK. (Only read for now, or write if will be many requests)
We’re going to start with this:

  1. Steps (Not live steps tracking for now)
  2. Active energy burned
  3. Hearth Rate
    … Missing something? Birhtday, sex, blood type?

@roman.furman0 Would love that feature and would definitely willing to use/buy.

Features that I would love:

  • Heart Rate
  • HRV !
  • Sleep (eg % or minutes of certain sleep stage like deep sleep) → to assess fitness protocol effect
  • RHR
  • Blood Oxygen

Also generic user data like Age, Sex, BMI,… would be nice to have

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Okay thanks @methomaslechner will check this

@methomaslechner can we jump in our Slack community have a few questions regarding HRV

am on it @roman.furman0

dm me pls

Heart rate for sure. Can you somehow do ring progress? Move, exercise and stand?

That would be really cool for workout apps. Game changer.

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Hi @roman.furman0

  • Steps
  • Sleep (% per stage)
  • Active Energy Burned
  • Recorded Activities (don’t know if this is part of HK).


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Small update here

Woah. Pretty cool! That’s awesome. Where is the plugin link?

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It’s not publicly available, I have a few more cool things to implement. Will release an update next week for sure
You can find the plugin here: Natively - iOS/Android App Wrapper Plugin | Bubble

Definitely will give it a try once I get to that point after it’s released. :raised_hands: Great job.

HealthKit is live now

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