HEIC/HEIF formats

Hi there! I have a question about the file uploader. Perhaps you’ve come across this issue before: I’ve set restrictions on the file formats that can be uploaded (in my case, only jpeg, jpg, png, heiv, and heic), but for some reason, it’s not allowing me to upload iPhone formats. If I don’t set any restrictions, these formats can be uploaded without a problem.
Now everything working fine when I try to upload from the iPhone but from Mac I am able to upload but images is empty. After I add those formats it become possible, but I’m not sure I need it all (heic,heif,hej2k,hsj2,ief,jls,jp2,jpeg,jpg,jph,jphc,jpheic,heif,hej2k,hsj2,ief,jls,jp2,jpeg,jpg,jph,jphc,jp)
Do you know how to fix it? thank you so much)

I use this plugin File & MultiFile Uploader · BEP Plugin | Bubble

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