Height of index in one-page app.. Can't figure out why the height is higher than the groups

Hi everyone,

I have a one-page app with everything collapsing when hidden. The elements (pages) are 812 high, but the index page always comes out 1000+

All elements are hidden and hovering in the inspect tool shows that it is “index”

Could it be a setting I’ve missed with index minimum height?

The index


The page is higher than your real design as the debugger is visible and displays a white area.
It will be back to normal when the debugger is off.

No it happens in-app too.

Same area is scrollable

Give us view access and we can help better. If you’re more comfortable, send me pm and you can add me to your app. In my experience, this is always a super simple thing, that’s super hard to find :wink:


Thank you!

bro am also having this error but i don’t know how to solve it ,
could u help me to figure it out