Hello every one. I have 1 question regarding bubble project

Recently one of my client ask me to build mvp in bubble. and asked for time and cost . I am not able to estimate the time and cost for the project . can any one tell me what will be the cost and time . Below is the description of project :-

I am looking to build an MVP of a lead database with a validation functionality.

I have attached the scope and excel with DB fields and other relevant information. Please review and get back to me with a delivery estimate and cost indication.


See excel attachment All Fields

Input data

The external data source should push data to our API once a day. The data fields that they should push is;

See excel attachment Input Data

The API should be able to handle variousexternal data sources. Secure/GDPR compliant.

Admin dashboard

We need an admin dashboard that you will login to using an email/pwd. Maximum 3 users. In the dashboard we will need the following features:

Admin user

  • A visual over the data like an Excel (but nicer gui) where we can
    • Download all data using date intervals to CSV
    • Change status on lead manually
    • Resend leads
  • Client setup section
    • Set how many leads to be pushed daily to given Client
      • Twice a day they are pushed to client (06:00 & 18:00 Stockholm time)
    • Set price per lead
    • Auto send report date & email
    • Manually add a new Client
  • Add Admin user manually

Regular User

  • A visual over the data like an Excel (but nicer gui) where we can
    • Download all data using date intervals to CSV or excel


Autogenerate uniqe lead id

Each partnerdataID should be assigned a Unique Lead ID from when successfully mapped in our Database. The Lead ID should have both numbers and text ex: ab12-bc34-de56. The format is not that important just that it is scalable.

Set time stamps

  • Once the data is mapped a script should set a time stamp on when we received the data. (RevievedDate)
  • Once we have received an approved status from Client API mark sent date. (SentDate)

Set Status

The statuses should be updated by a script or manually in the dashboard. There are different statuses Partner Status and Client Status and Validation Status

Data sending randomizer

When data should be sent it should be randomized so that if we have more than two clients the data pushed is not row 1-10 client A and 11-20 client B – instead 10 each randomized of all data with status Received on Partner Status and blank on client status.

Push Data

If the data has the status Received on Partner Status the script should push the randomized data to the client based on the amount per day in the Admin Panel.

If there is an error after 5 tries with 15 sec between tries stop trying to send and set ClientStatus to Error Timeout.



We will need an api connection to an externa lookup service for the following fields

Name, Phone number, email and, if applicable, address.

The lookup should come back with the following information about the lead

HouseType Mandatory
Personalnumber Mandatory
Salary Optional
Creditscore Optional
Fastighetsbeteckning Optional

That’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Agencies are unlikely to post a time and price here because that is commercially sensitive information. How long it would take would depend on your skills, abilities and experience with bubble. It would also depend on whether you have built components for other apps that you could reuse and that would save you time. As for price, that depends on where you are located and what typical daily rates are there. I have seen that most agencies quote circa $15k to $25k when they see the word MVP then they work whatever number of man weeks they budgeted for and often leave bits of secondary functionality undone by saying they are not essential for an MVP and referring to their stated scope which was intentionally vague.


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