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Hello world, I want to create my first app

How can I write “hello world” in a page by using an input box and button, and display it in the same page?
I tried using the “Vote - city” example, but I couldn´t see what should have been “Name = input city” in my hello world application.
How should I do?

By the way, is it possible to send apps between bubble users? If somebody has the Hello world app and could send it to me inside bubble.

@emmanuel : Send apps between bubble users or between our apps?

… thanks anyway. I found my own solution:
(Should be understandable for everyone who speaks spanish, swedish and english - at the same time)
Hello world
Esta aplicación recibe un texto, el cual muy bien puede ser “Hello world” y lo imprime en la pantalla gracias al botón Publish.
Una vez que el texto aparece también se ve la opción de borrar lo escrito gracias a un icono cliqueable a la derecha del texto recién impreso en pantalla.

Tabla: Message -> field: hello
Index: html sida, para que todo se vea
Group message: en ram Type of content: Message
input box “Write your message here”
botón para escribir a la base de datos se llama “Publish”.
“Create a new Message” Create new thing->Type Message->Create a new field->hello = Input Write your message here´s value
“Reset relevant inputs” Elements actions, input, reset content
“Show Group Message” Element: Group Message

Repeating group message: en ram som har 1 row och 1 column. Ext vertical scrollning evita que se muestre el espacio donde aparecerá el texto “hello world (o lo que uno escriba)”
Type of content: Message
Data source: Search for Messages
Text box para mostrar lo que se guardó en hello. Search for… ->Message->´s hello
Icono (X) cuya función será borrar lo que haya en el current cell
X-flöde: Data->Delete thing->Current cell´s Message

All the non-English words are just explanations and are not needed to follow the instructions (or steps).
Tabla = table
Flöde= workFLOW (what you want that happens when the user clicks a button)

send apps between bubble users

Why just not publish your new Hello World example? :wink: