Hellwo i need freelancer to help me out

i am currently working on 2 apps at the same time

but i need some helps

first i am working on app like a thinder but we exchange things Ex my ps4 with your Cloths (Randomly)

  1. i added review funtion and it doesnt work
    2.setting from profile group and it does not come up on info group(for other users)
    3 . i created random users but they dont macthed it doesnt show up when i run as macted group = it’s imposibble to match each other and sometimes i can match with my self

Second app it’s like a uber
but more of bicycle and motocycle so we can ask driver to buy me a food from Restaurant or buy me a things from supermarket or sending things from home to somewhere

  1. i want charge the ppl by the distance and bicycle would be a half price of motocyle in my currency NOT usd
  2. when driver sign up i want ther id card and motocycle registriation number if not they are not able to sign up
  3. i need 2 dash board one for driver for bicycle and one for motocyle because for now all come in one dash board and it’s really complicated

Pm me plz ill be wating for u guys

I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM.

Sent you a PM.