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(Help Already Found) Help needed

Hi there!
Need help with my website

  • creating some workflow - sending a letter with a sign up activation link.
  • after the user signs up and activates his account,
    upon his first signing in he’s asked to enter additional information - his first and last name and a phone number -, then the user gets assigned a 6-digit ID number (any) and is directed to his account where this ID number is displayed and where the user can enter and edit information about a purchased item and an address where to deliver the item.

Will gladly reward financially for assistance,


Here’s the email confirmation part…

Sign up flow:
When the button ‘Sign up’ is clicked,

  1. sign the user up (using the email and password they have provided in the forms),
  2. send a confirmation email,
  3. change the page.

This next picture is where you can change the message in the confirmation email…

Whatever page you choose to load after the email is sent (you choose this in step 2), you could have an event run whenever that page loads which has the following workflow…

You could use this workflow to redirect the user to a page which says “Your email has not yet been confirmed, please check your spam folder”.


Thank you so much, cakeheke! I’ve written you a message.

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No worries. Once you have that part sorted, I can help you with the next stage.