Help applying discount for customer but not for vendor?

Hi - I’m trying to configure stripe payments on my marketplace app. I have everything set up except for one piece that I can’t figure out.

Currently, when a vendor creates an invoice and sends it to a customer, the customer can pay via the app. The customer also accrues 1% of the value of that invoice in “Points” which can then be applied to their next purchase.

So, if they spend $100 on Vendor A, they’ll earn 1 Point.

Then they go to pay Vendor B, apply their 1 Point, and are only charged $99. However, I still want the vendor to receive $100 (we are taking out an app fee that covers our 1% loss, but for the purpose of this simplicity, let’s pretend that we are not).

I need the vendor to receive the full amount of the invoice while the customer pays the full amount less their points.

Any idea how to make this work?


Hi Samie,

for this example, in the same workflow you can charge the customer 100$ and pay it to vendor and then charge yourself (admin) 1$ and pay it back to the customer.

I’m not familiar with a way of splitting a transaction between 2 payers, that would obviously be more efficient :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

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