Help autofilling a dropdown menu with info from database and text input

Hi there,

I need some help populating a dropdown with info from the database, prompted by text input. So somewhere in between a dropdown input and text input. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

This works, but filling out all 12 inputs is slow, especially when it’s in the database already.

This also works, but because you can’t type in a dropdown box, you have to scroll through all 200+ database name fields until you come across the one you want. It looks like you should be able to type in it, but no.

I built this for a different part of my app as a search function - it’s just a text input attached to a repeating group with contact info from the database. This is mostly what I’m looking for, but repeating groups don’t overlap like a dropdown so it pushes my form around and looks ugly. It also doesn’t work super reliably, and I’m not sure if I could get it to autofill the rest of the form like I want to.

So yeah, if I’m trying to create a form that autofills, is this my best option? Is there anything else I should try?