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HELP! Blog and emails: troubles with Rich Text Editors

Hi bubble fellows!
I’m struggling for 2 months with rich text editors and need help.
Users can write articles on my app and send them as an email. You can check the app here:
For HTML email we use the awesome “Email for Canva” plugin by AirDev.
Story of the struggling:

  • 1st solution was a self-developed block-style blog on clear bubble, it looked great but the problem was to send content from repeating groups by email. So I decided to switch to RTE.
  • I’ve used bubble rich text editor and it was really good, but its output is BBcode: so problem is to send HTML emails.
  • I’ve also tried “Blog HTML editor TinyMCE” - but it can’t scale with content.
  • Now we use RTE by Zerocode, it gives HTML output but the problem is an awful way to save images: image saves as endless rows of random symbols. As a result, we have bad app performance and something terrible in emails. But without images, it’s the best solution.

My questions:
do you have some ideas on how to archive the next parameters:

  • RTE can scale with content (as bubble RTE and Zerocode’s one)
  • RTE has HTML output (Zerocode’s RTE)
  • RTE saves images in the AWS bucket (as bubble RTE )

Or maybe there’s some way to fix Zerocode’s RTE trouble with image savings?

Or there’s some way to switch BBcode from bubble’s RTE to HTML correctly and for any cases?

This should help a ton, completely avoid those issues and add additional functionality :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you!
I’ve checked your plugin before - it’s great and I can just admire how cool you made it.
But for my particular case it’s not really suitable - it a bit complicates the UX. 1 click for any action is the base of my app.
I need something less customizable.
But once again - your plugin is awesome!