Help Build Basic Website (3min video included)

Hi guys,

Looking for help to build a basic (mobile responsive) website I share more about in this 3min video:

I’m no coder but since it’s only a hobby project would like to do as much as I can myself. So the way I see we could work is:

  1. Discuss the details
  2. Help us set the roots & basics
  3. I do the drop & drag stuff (data collect boxes etc as per video)
  4. You help integrate the functions so that it all works as per video
  5. We keep in touch should further improvements are required

To note, cannot afford to spend big on this one, only looking to build the basics at this stage. Would love to make it more as a grow-together project, but looking forward to your responses and take it from there.

Let me know how I can contact you or PM me here (if there’s such option)

Thanking in advance!

  • William
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@444subscriptions Hi William,

The short answer is yes, you can do everything you projected on your video with Bubble. Follow the tutorials and search in this forum for the information you need.

As your project is a copy of an actual working concept, I will say it’s an one month project in Bubble. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bubble!

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